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I’ve been a walking guide since 2008 and I get very enthusiastic about sharing my lifelong love for the outdoors with my groups. I’ve guided in beautiful places all over Europe but my favourite place is definitely Cornwall. I just love the stunning scenery and am fascinated with the unique historical influences which changed the natural landscape so there is always something of interest to look at on every walk.

Whilst not working in my proper adult job (marketing but don’t ask), I walk, climb, row, cycle, mountain bike, dive and ski to varying degrees of skill! I love talking about geology and history but I’ve got a degree in English Literature so am also interested in books. Plus I am a total foodie, adore growing vegetables, have an obsession with making jam and chutney and, strangely, am a Formula One fan. An eclectic mix!

And, of course, the main reason that I love being a walking guide is the totally wonderful people I meet!

Climbing In The Lakes
Grizedale Tarn